Users: 6 Mines: 6 | Finished: 3 | Working: 3 Invested: 0.4835 BTC

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bronze bitcoin mine

Bronze mine

0.0100 - 0.0474 BTC
return 150%

gold bitcoin mine

Gold mine

0.0474 - 0.0830 BTC
return 175%

bronze bitcoin mine

Diamond mine

more than 0.0830 BTC
return 200%

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  • Gain Fast

    Fast Income is one of the fastets ways to earn bitcoins you've discovered. Generous dividends are awaiting for those who want to gain bitcoins and don't want to wait too much. It's obvious that the better mines you have the more bitcoins you receive. So don't miss your chance! Try it out and advice to your friends. Please read how the system works and terms of use before taking a part.

  • Instant payouts

    Instant payouts

    All the withdrawals are executed immediately. Every time when any user builds a new mine or upgrades his working mine, all invested funds are distributed between all owners of working mines. The users see growing of their balance and they can spend it on building or upgrading mines. Also they can withdraw it to their bitcoin address. This action will be executed immediately. All transactions can be easely verified with provided statistics. is maximally transparent.

  • High Profitable

    High profitable

    Decide how much you want to earn! There are three options to invest. Depending on how much bitcoins you've spent on your own mine you will get better mine. It will return to you 150% (Bronze mine), 175% (Gold mine) or 200% (Diamond mine) of your investment. You can build as many mines as you want. Administration takes withdrawal fee equaling 5% of the transaction value.

  • Decentralized


    As was mentioned Administration has no acces to the users' funds. All invested bitcoins are instantly distributed between all owners of working mines. Thus there are no bitcoins that linger on intermediary addresses - it delivers to appropriate person as soon as possible. This excludes any chance to cheat. Also all transactions are strictly logged and showed in the open source for anyone can verify his (or someone else) mine history.

  • No Registration


    We don't require any personal data from our users. All you need is to pass a simple registration which mean to specify your Nickname, password and email address. An unique Bitcoin address will be given to every user which has been registered at You can use that address to add funds to your balance anonymously as Bitcoin network works.


Welcome to - the one of a kind bitcoin multiplier! It is easy to use: any user can build a mine, then the user will receive bitcoins from all futher investments untill that mine is closed. User is able to upgrade his mine for a half of the current price thereby extend it's working time. (You'll be paid a return of 150%, 175% or 200% of your investment, which mine user choose depends on the percentage rule).

There is a tremendous advantage to you, the user, for using the source - your bitcoins will be returned to you within a short time and with a sizable ROI (Return on investment). The second advantage of is that all Bitcoins on your balance will be withdrawn immediately you have pressed the button. Proof of each transaction is open and easily verifiable via the direct link to Blockchain website. Lastly, it has become understood that is a fantastic mixing service, providing anonymity and instead of paying a fee, you're receiving one. administration charges a flat 5% fee from each withdrawal, for commission, hosting, and project support.

The best mines

Nickname Mine Received
M0nst3R Diamond 0.2390
Kam Gold 0.1765
Santa Gold 0.0262
mono Bronze 0.0167
Santa Bronze 0.0150
Santa Bronze 0.0000

Last actions

Date Time Nickname Action Bitcoins Link
28.09.16 15:25 Santa Build 0.0262 Bronze mine
28.09.16 14:45 M0nst3R Upgrade 0.2071 Diamond mine
28.09.16 14:39 Kam Build 0.1036 Gold mine
28.09.16 14:04 Kam Deposit 0.1036
28.09.16 13:55 mono Build 0.0111 Bronze mine
28.09.16 13:54 Santa Build 0.0150 Gold mine
28.09.16 13:51 mono Deposit 0.0111
28.09.16 13:47 M0nst3R Build 0.1104 Diamond mine
28.09.16 13:41 M0nst3R Deposit 0.1104
28.09.16 13:22 Santa Build 0.0100 Bronze mine
28.09.16 08:03 Santa Deposit 0.0100
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